10 Dec, 2011 | Category: Hardware - Software

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The LoadAssist system will quickly and accurately provide a gross and axle weight of a truck as well as a truck/trailer combination. Axle weights can further be differentiated into a left and right weight assisting a balanced loading of the cargo.

Primarily intended to assist the driver in loading his vehicle correctly and ensuring that both gross and axle loading limits are not exceeded.

The LoadAssist system has been designed, engineered and is manufactured by Power Research (Pty) Ltd, a company with more than 30 years of engineering excellence.

Now Power Research Innovatory Solutions has produced the LoadAssist truck weight management system.

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Additional Features

14 Dec, 2011 | Category: Features

  • Tare and Nett weight calculations.

  • Dynamic and static weighing capability.

  • Truly portable, no mains power required.

  • On board truck database of up to 16000 vehicles.

  • Load data recording of all weighing events.

  • Designed and manufactured in SA.

  • Powerful PC application software.

  • On Board slip printer with time/date, gross and axle weights and truck data (optional).

  • Note: Call for a demonstration of LoadAssist. That way we can demonstrate its true value to you! Call us now.